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Our Approach

At TopMind PR and Marketing, we establish your company as a recognizable and trusted brand. Our integrated approach helps you achieve your marketing, sales and company goals. To do so, we combine the best of traditional PR services with integrated digital and brand building content, social and other marketing programs.

PR, Media and Analyst Relations

Amplify your message. Bringing solid media and analyst relationships and strategic insights, we put the story first. Then we work in collaboration with you and leading industry influencers to help you achieve ongoing top of mind awareness that drives growth.  We help you crystalize your message, story and media strategy. Then we make it happen.

Story Development, Content Strategies

Watch ideation, strategy and trending topics come together. From contributed content and guest posts to highly relevant blog articles and social media campaigns, we create thought leadership for you, your company and your brand. A steady stream of compelling material gains attention, influences and engages your market with impact.

Data Driven, Research-Based Content

Arm your communications program with data rich content and resources. Harness information that matters to your market and the world.  Become a go-to-source. We help you discover and turn your data into insights that position you as a key contributor and valued player in greater industry and business stories.

Social Media Marketing

Grow your social media audience. We expand your share of voice with the right key influencers, including media, customers and prospects via solid messaging and engagement strategies and campaigns. Along the way, we blend earned and sponsored programs to drive growth.

Speaking Opportunities

Connect, increase awareness and gain validation. We identify key trade shows and events, webinars and other virtual and in-person experiences that give you the best opportunity to present to and engage with target decision makers. Pinpointing key tracks that align with your business, we create and propose compelling presentation that get picked-up. More than just getting you placed, we help you create a strategic platform for ongoing thought leadership.

Special Events and Community Relations Activities

Align yourself with key initiatives that affect your market, industry and the communities you serve. We build on your mission and core values to help you broaden your exposure. Then we manage the process – whether it is working with established event organizers, or helping you create a unique event from scratch to further expand your brand presence.


Strengthen your credibility in the marketplace. We conduct extensive research to identify and select leading programs across leading categories, ranging from broad-based, high-exposure business awards to key product and service honors. We help you gain the right recognition that reinforces your influence.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Grow your digital marketing and PR presence. From website development to infographics, social media graphics and email campaigns and other digital marketing communications assets including whitepapers, marketing collateral, industry reports and surveys, innovative programs compel your audience.

Website Development,Visual Stories, Graphics and Brand Identity

Establish your image and tell your story in a visual way. Our team of savvy web developers,  graphic artists, content writers and SEO experts help you create a digital presence that gets you found, engages the right audience at the right time and helps you generate awareness, drive leads, nurture prospects and convert customers.

PPC Advertising

Our PPC advertising team brings their strategic and tactical, hands-on experience to get higher ad placements for less money, promote the best performing keyword ads and use artificial intelligence to find the trends that work. Using click optimization models and conversion performance systems, we deliver PPC advertising that produces profitable ROI. Our programs include keyword research, landing pages, competitive analysis, goal tracking and more.

Mobile Marketing

Reach your customers on the go. Making it more convenient for them to connect with you empowers you to be top of mind, add greater value and drive more sales.

Email, Brand Loyalty and Demand Generation

Take your digital marketing to the next level with email marketing campaigns that can drive greater stickiness to your brand, nurture prospects and create a compelling reason to buy. Create deeper engagement with your best customers to create repeat business, more easily scale and shorten the time from awareness to conversion.

Influencer Marketing

Grow engagement through niche-specific connections with natural relevance to your industry. Gain thousands of followers and hundreds of likes on every post.