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Blending seasoned experience from former journalists, creative ideas that get you to stand out from the crowd and solid media, analyst and influencer relationships built over three decades, we turn startup brands into household names and established leaders into rejuvenated and innovative leaders with a fresh approach to communicating their unique value. Our media and analyst relations, crisis communications, PR, content, social media, integrated digital marketing and event marketing campaigns and programs work for you to drive growth and achieve business goals.


We have driven market presence to the next level for a wide range of enterprise solutions from cybersecurity, cloud, SaaS and IT infrastructure and management to FinTech, marketing automation, big data, AI and IoT, Industry 4.0/5G and more. Our in-depth experience, well established media connections and solid knowledge base gives us a competitive edge in sharing and amplifying your story to increase your influence and thought leadership.

Case Studies

Moxie Software, Inc.


From Q4 2015 – Q1 2018, generate awareness for the company’s customer engagement software. Launch the company’s latest technology and showcase the benefit to businesses of leveraging this technology to guide customers along their digital journey. Establish Moxie as a thought leader across a variety of vertical markets. 


Leverage customer case studies to showcase the power of Moxie’s technology. Provide PR support to the company around key industry events to amplify and secure coverage for the company’s solutions. Establish the company as a thought leader by creating and placing contributed content in business and industry blogs.


Secured coverage for the company’s technology in key industry and business publications ranging from Mobile Marketer, Marketing Land and Multi-Channel Merchant to CMSWire, Entrepreneur Magazine and VentureBeat among others. Achieved thought leadership for Moxie across business and marketing technology targets as well as vertical industries including the travel, healthcare and online retail. 



Generate Brand Awareness, Establish Robin.io as a Thought and Category Leader in the IT infrastructure, 5G and Cloud arenas. Launch the company’s latest software solutions. 

Tell the story of the company’s Kubernetes-based solution. Further, focus on the company’s success in 5G and Telecommunications.

STRATEGY: Conducted successful launch of Robin.io’s (formerly Robin Systems’) Hyperconverged Kubernetes Platform as well as launch of $17 Million Series B Funding. Launch strategy included leveraging the funding story as well as the new product story as two separate announcements in order to secure coverage by media covering both the product and business story.


Secured more than 20 news and feature as well as round-up articles and mentions across a wide range of business and technology press including media covering Cloud, DevOps and IT infrastructure. These included Silicon Angle, SDX Central, Pitchbook, TFiR, ZDNet, Bizjournals, The New Stack, Forbes, etc. Other launches that were done for Robin.io included the launch of the Robin Storage product and the company’s partnership with Google as well as telling the story of the company’s work in the 5G and Telco space. This resulted in a wide-range of coverage (more than 20 news, feature and round-up articles) in publications ranging from TechCrunch, SearchStorage and Container Journal, ZDNet, etc. as well. 

WootCloud, Inc.

OBJECTIVE: Launch WootCloud’s research initiative and showcase the company’s technology in action to establish the company as a thought leader and demonstrate the company’s innovation and the features and capabilities of its technology.
Launch IoT cybersecurity research division for WootCloud. In addition, launched new research whereby the company discovered the Ares Botnet as well as a new Polycom device vulnerability using their HyperContext™ Enterprise device security platform.
RESULTS: Coverage included more than 30 news, feature, round-up and syndicated articles in high-profile business, IoT, Cybersecurity and IoT Cybersecurity and DevSecOps publications. These ranged from CSO and Forbes to ZDNet to Dark Reading to The Register, IT Pro and SANS Podcast among others.

Our media and analyst relations, crisis communications, PR, content, social media, integrated digital marketing and event marketing campaigns and programs work for you to drive growth and achieve business goals.



Our team has introduced to the market innovative AI, IoT and other gadgets and consumer products that make life easier, safer and more enjoyable. Our hallmark services include successfully launching new products and increasing traction for existing products through media coverage and reviews.


Case Studies

AI Powered Salary Tool and Platform

OBJECTIVE: Promote the company’s product, an analytics platform that leverages AI and Machine Learning to provide salary compensation and job matching services for corporate employees. Establish the company as a resource for comprehensive salary and job search information as well as a thought leader in the HR, salary and career
advisory industries.
STRATEGY: Leverage the company’s  deep career and salary insights, promoting it’s salary, career and company insights to end-users as well as consumer, business, personal finance, technology and career focused reporters, bloggers, editors and producers. Work with the company to develop content including blogs, data reports, infographics and contributed content, as well as email newsletters, to showcase the company as a thought leader and resource for valuable career, salary and enterprise insights.

RESULTS: Secured coverage of the company and its data analytics reports and insights by leading media outlets and blogs ranging from Forbes and Fortune to The Information, USA Today, CNBC, CBS, Business Insider, The New York Times, TechRepublic, The San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo Finance, Silicon Valley Business Journal and Fast Company, among others. Achieved syndication by high profile media outlets. Coverage included technology hiring trends as well as trends in other vertical markets. Established the platform as a go – to source for hiring, career and salary trends and insights to engage media on an ongoing basis.

Antivirus and Firewall Software

OBJECTIVE: Generate awareness and increase online traction for the company’s PC and mobile security products.
STRATEGY: Promote and pitch the latest versions of the company’s products to secure news and feature article as well as product reviews. Support digital marketing programs via strategic PR, content and social media programs to increase awareness, traction and online conversions. Create a steady stream of content including contributed articles, infographics and blog articles to secure ongoing coverage and thought leadership.
RESULTS: Secured news and feature coverage as well as reviews by top consumer electronics publications including PC Magazine, PC World, ZDNet and Computer World as well coverage by general consumer reporters and the business press ranging from Entrepreneur Magazine to VentureBeat and CNBC.
Worked with the company to develop data rich content that was featured by media outlets and leveraged in the company’s social media posts and online newsletters to increase customer engagement. Secured coverage of recommendations featured in the company’s blog and infographics and in contributed blog articles and guest posts.

Professional and Financial Services

From architecture to real estate and VC and financial services firms, we drive market exposure, brand awareness and successful growth for a wide range of professional services firms.

Case Studies


Get wide coverage about Clear Ventures’ Second VC Fund of $180 Million

In helping launch this fund, TopMind PR created a strategy that focused on key messaging around the focus and differentiators of the fund, which included Industry 4.0 technologies.
Secured coverage across a wide range of high-profile publications (resulting in more than 30 pickups in feature and news articles, mentions and round-ups and syndicated articles). Coverage included The Register, PitchBook, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Venture Capital Journal, Pensions and Investments, and Stacey on IoT. Also, helped launch Clear’s debut fund of $120 Million – coverage included TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal.

Restaurant Design Concepts (RDC)

OBJECTIVE: Re-brand the company, a commercial architectural and interior design firm specializing in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Reinvigorate the company’s look, feel and messaging. Establish a cohesive, digital presence online. Set the company apart from the competition and generate awareness, exposure and traction.
STRATEGY: Up level the company’s messaging to set it apart from the competition. Establish new messaging as well as a new brand identity, working with web and graphic designers to bring a new website as well as an expanded online reviews program and social media presence to life. Tell the story of the company’s success and expertise through its innovative designs and happy customer stories.
Create a steady stream of blog content to increase SEO rankings and encourage media coverage.
RESULTS: Grew social media followers and engagement across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Engaged customers to share their stories via Yelp and Google, amplifying the company’s success through hearing the RDC story from the customer’s perspective. Secured online pick-up and coverage of the company’s customer success stories and innovative design sense via a variety of media outlets. This included coverage by vertical industry publications such as FSR Magazine and the business
press. Improved Google rankings and increase online exposure through highly relevant and engaging blog content.

Food and Beverage

From top chefs to restaurants, wineries and artisanal food brands, food and beverage companies have sought us out to help them achieve top reviews, awards, coverage, exposure and social media engagement.


Case Studies

Washington-Based Winery

OBJECTIVE: Increase awareness, exposure and recognition for the winery’s wines and Vineyards as an event center. Build engagement and awareness for the winery via social media channels. Increase recognition for its wines and promote the winery as a destination for weddings and corporate events.
STRATEGY: Create a website for the winery that is more content rich and SEO friendly. Create a social media strategy including daily and weekly posts, building promotions into the program. Secure coverage from wine bloggers and reviewers, achieving high profile ratings and reviews by creating and executing a reviews program.
RESULTS: Created new web content and look and feel for the winery’s website, working with creative and graphic designers. Created a new site that promoted the winery as not only a winery that produces great wines, but as a destination for community, events and awesome celebrations. Created social media content and conducted online social media promotions that promoted events, wines and community engagement. Secured reviews and coverage for the winery’s wines by high profile wine reviewers and media outlets such as Seattle Times, greatnorthwestwine.com, Zagat, Wine Enthusiast,
Savor NW and Sunset Magazine, among others. These efforts helped to increase greater traction for the winery, including increased traffic to the winery’s tasting room as event bookings as well as greater customer and wine club member acquisition.

SF Bay Area Vineyards and Winery

OBJECTIVE: Generate awareness for the winery as a leading Bay Area winery, specializing in Rhone Varietals. Create thought leadership for the winery as premiere destination for weddings and events.
STRATEGY: Secure coverage for Brentwood-based winery, its wine club, wine events and corporate and personal events as well as gain recognition of the company’s wines. Do this via ratings in premiere wine publications and local and national media coverage. Leverage the company’s wine tasting events as an
opportunity for wine bloggers to taste the company’s wines in a food pairing context. Invite bloggers and reporters to key events, including the winery’s summer concert series. Create a steady stream of news announcements. Promote the company’s upcoming events to a variety of press. Leverage the company’s wine tasting events as an opportunity for wine bloggers to taste the company’s wines in a food pairing context. Invite bloggers and reporters to key events, including the winery’s summer concert series. Create a steady stream of news announcements. Promote the company’s upcoming events to a variety of press. Leverage the winery’s leadership to create a new AVA.
RESULTS: Secured key reviews and news and feature stories by local consumer publications as well as regional and national wine bloggers and industry publications. These included California Connoisseur’s Guide to California Wine, Wine Enthusiast, FB World, Benito’s Wine Reviews, Brix Chicks, James the Wine Guy, The Mercury News, Diablo Magazine, Francis Rivetti’s Southern Sonoma Country Life,
Appellation America, Drinkhacker.com and more. Improved the company’s Google rankings and ensured the company stayed top of mind with customers and the media.